updated September 20, 2019

1948 Chris Craft 22' Custom 

Streamlined Sedan 

Note: this boat is being restored for our customer and is NOT for sale.

One the of the most beautiful proportioned, post-war designs, Chris-Craft incorporated aircraft and automotive styling of the day to make this beautiful sedan. 

Macatawa Bay Boat Works is restoring this well preserved, two-owner boat that in native to Northern Michigan and very solid with all original wood and original stain from the factory.  The hull sides are made of cedar as mahogany was in short supply after the War and were finished in white paint from the factory.  

Factory Photo (above)

The boat has been fitted with a new Crusader 350 cubic inch V-8 engine with closed circuit cooling.  This will allow us to add a automotive style heater, concealed under the dash to make it a perfect boat for chilly summer nights and crisp autumn days.

Fresh varnish over the original factory stain adds shine to this beauty.


MBBW took advantage of an unusually light winter and were able to do an initial water test on January 11 with temperatures in the low 50's and a completely open lake.  The boat and engine performed well with five passengers in the boat still delivering a top speed of 42 MPH according to our GPS.
Jon has applied aviation cloth (Dacron) that was stapled and heat shrunken over the top frame.  West Epoxy was applied to the cloth to give strength and make waterproof.  The top will receive foam padding and tan canvas cloth to give a factory original appearance.
Nate sands and vacuums the port hull side in preparation for its first coat of white paint.
The hull sides have a second coat of white applied.

Restored chrome cutwater is dry fit.

A custom bird's eye maple dashboard will wrap around the cockpit and extend all the way to the aft seat.  It is in progress and done in the style of the original pleated vinyl panels that were installed by Chris Craft on this sedan and the 20' Custom.

A new custom-made, top feed stainless steel fuel tank is installed for improved performance and safety.  The 4" exhaust for the new V-8 engine is being run below the tank. 

MBBW has designed and constructed a custom motor box to match the custom interior, with a streamlined contour to the back the matches the profile of the top and radius curved edges that match the radius of the seat backs.  Individual mahogany strips were assembled at the corners with epoxy to make the gentle curve, the vertical sides will be varnished mahogany while the curves and top will be covered in navy blue leather to match the seat cushions.  The engine box is very light weight and yet strong. 

flooring being installed, yellow linoleum to compliment the bird's eye maple 
Getting some of the re-chromed hardware back on (purists will note that is the incorrect bow light for the boat, the correct one will be added when one is found for the boat) 
Getting close to being finished, she looks good in the water!  We could not wait any longer to take it out and start to get to know the boat a bit.  The hull performed very well with the fresh water cooled, modern V-8 with a GPS top speed of 42 mph.  Tapping into the engines cooling system, we were able to install a heater under the dash that combined with the cabin top made for a very cozy ride even into November.  
The photos below were taken on an unseasonably warm day, October 31, 2008 and it made for a beautiful sunset on Lake Michigan, not the typical Halloween activity!
Some more shots in the water...
Running on the shores of lake Michigan 

It was an honor to have Chris Smith, grandson of the founder of Chris Craft and a 

legend in the wood boat hobby sit by Josephine during the 2009 Grand Rapids Boat Show.

Pictured above is Josephine and Bill Reus, parents of Macatawa Bay Boat Works owner Jonathan L. Reus

during the 2009 Grand Rapids Boat ShowJosephine Reus was the inspiration for the name of the boat.


Below is Josephine Reus on the "Josephine" one beautiful afternoon on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Please contact us today to see how we might help you with your project! 


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